Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What an incredible day we had!  Record-breaking crowds (and fog)!  We so appreciate everyone who came to shop and mingle.  
Our friends at Heritage Hall are generous hosts to us every year and we couldn't do this without them.
The show may be over but we will still be posting "chick" news throughout the year.  We look forward to next year, which will be our 10th Anniversary Show.

Be well and happy throughout the holidays.

08 Crafty Chicks

Here's a sampling from the show.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

4 DAYS TO GO!!!!

Can you feel the excitement?  Hope you're getting all packed up and ready for a great day.  We have an awesome mix of talent this year. It will be wonderful to see our loyal friends who come to shop every year and to meet new ones. 

Heritage Hall will have a drop off for the Liberty Food drive.  They would appreciate any donations of canned goods for this worthy cause.

As the holidays approach we want to remind you of our friends' sale, COOL STUFF, the following weekend.  



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

11 days till the big day!!!!

Gretchen Finch and Cheryl Graham

Cheryl and Gretchen are two of the original Crafty Chicks and they are the coordinators of the annual event. They are great friends who share a LOVE of vintage buttons!
Cheryl will have her monogram painted canvases, unique collages in cigar boxes, little address books, picture frames and decoupage bottles.  New this year are lovely birds painted and collaged on small canvases.  Each piece is truly one of a kind and express her distinctive point of view.
Gretchen will have charming button collages, ribbon bookmarks, vintage button bracelets and necklaces. She has a love of folk art and has been creating unique paper clay sculptures for the last several years. A whimsical deer with a small red bird perched on the wire antlers will be featured this year. 

Sharon Millerett and June Brock

You never know what these two chicks will be bringing for the show.  They have the most wonderful antiques and pre-owned treasures.  To round it all off, June adds to the mix charming ornaments that were created using small antique butter molds.  Come by and see what they have new this year!
Sweet Sixteen - days, that is, till the sale.

Em Byerly's handiwork from '07 Crafty Chicks

Em Byerly is a second year Crafty Chick.  With her love of vibrant colors and patterns, Em is putting her sewing skills to work.  She will be selling "Rag Bags", each one a unique blend of fabrics and stitch work. They are all slightly different and one of a kind. She will have a few more surprises to entice you so come by and meet Em.

Danielle Mousley

This is Danielle's first year to participate in Crafty Chicks.  She's been a customer for the past three years and decided it was time to give it a whirl herself.  Danielle will be whipping up batches of versatile pre-made mixes for the upcoming holiday season.  Cookies, brownies, muffins, friendship tea, hot cocoa, holiday spiced wine and cider mixes are perfect for gifts or to keep for yourself.

Katie Larson

This is Katie's first year at Crafty Chicks, and she's excited to be a part of it!  All her products include paper or fabric, sometimes combining both.  A few of the things she'll be selling are quilted purses, paper fabric flowers, and cross-stitched monogrammed tags.
Come by and welcome a new chick on the block.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

23 days till the show & sale!!!

Patty Cheong

This is Patty's third year with the Chicks.  Many will remember her with her buddy, Christina who is now married and living in Minneapolis.  Patty's love of making jewelry has brought her back solo and you will love her wonderful use of color, in the beads, semi-precious gems and swavroski crystals.  Come shop her new styles this year and remember she also takes custom orders for individuals, brides and their wedding party.  Speaking of brides, Patty will be one early next year!

Debby Ritz and Desserts by Debby

Who doesn't love the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls in the morning?  Come early and that's what you'll find baking in the kitchen at Heritage Hall.  They do go fast, so be warned.
Ask Debby about her catering business, Desserts by Debby.  Her creativity comes out in the presentation as well as in her delicious desserts.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

30 days until the chicks gather!

Ana and Annie

Annie Malik has brought her eye for trends to Crafty Chicks for the past three years creating plush toys, screen printed tea towels and aprons.  This year, with her partner-in-crime, Ana Reinert, Annie is expanding her vision to tote bags, the perfect reusable gift!

Tammy Smith and Homemade Circus

Tammy has worked in 3D for many years and has illustrated for kids' books and magazines. She has recently become fascinated with wire sculpture, especially birds in cages that resemble broken down carnival rides. This will be Tammy's first year with Crafty Chicks.
Stop by and see her charming "circus".

Karen Reeves

"I'm like my mama.  I need to have busy hands."  Lucky for us, Karen became a chick several years ago.  You can see Karen's love of crafting in many forms.  For Crafty Chicks this year, she will have jewelry, itty bitty felted bags (perfect for an IPOD or cell phone), and photography. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

37 days till the show!!!  May the force be with us all!

John Graham at the 2007 Show

John joined the 'chicks' in 2005. You will love his clever lamps made from found objects such as trumpets, baseballs, and even a movie projector!  Clocks hand-crafted from metal, film canisters, or computer circuit boards are each a unique piece. His aesthetic and 'green' sensibility are apparent in all his work.

Anna Eschrich with her bracelets

Anna is our youngest chick.  You will find her sitting with her friend, Cindy Pawlyshn.  She comes from a very creative family and shows her own talent in the pretty bracelets she makes.  Shop her table early if you want the best selection...accessories are a girl's best friend!

Jeanee and her sewn creations

Last year Crafty Chicks was the first show Jeanee ever participated in and had "SO MUCH FUN". She has found her niche with aprons.  Each apron will always be unique because she never uses the same fabric combination twice.  Jeanee will have some new items this year and will be screenprinting some cool stuff. Check out Jeanee and her "dirty laundry". 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

45 days till the show!!!  It's coming fast, isn't it?

                                             Good buddies, Jeanee and Dayle

Dayle loves to make things.  Crafting has been a lifelong passion.  If it's crafty and Martha Stewart has blessed it crafty, then she probably does it.  "Handmade by Sodapop, my company is a dream come true.  I love making anything that is colorful, girlie, fashion forward but practical."  Sodapop currently sells all kinds of handbags and necklaces.
For Crafty Chicks this year, Dayle will have some new items to sell. (It's a secret)

Julie Lushbough and her helpers

Julie's history on creating button rings goes back over 5 years...then for family, friends and gifts.  "For the last couple years I've been hooked on vintage buttons...what history and beauty they hold!  I recently made a ring and pendant for a woman using buttons from her husband's navy uniform.  She wears her ring every day!  That's so special."
Julie survived her first Crafty Chicks Show last year and has been busy with Girls Night Out ring parties ever since.
Megan Gray at '07 Crafty Chick Show and Sale

Megan has always had a love of fiber arts and fashion.  She taught herself how to knit at an early age and began experimenting with felt a couple years ago.  Her creations consist of felted ball necklaces and bracelets, scarves and vintage jewelry.  This year, however, Megan is 'going green'.  Her new designs are still organic but has focused on how to reuse vintage items in a totally new and creative way.  She is known as Ecochic.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

59 days and counting....

Jennifer Snuggs

As a child, Jennifer learned to crochet from her mother and has been "hooked" ever since. Jennifer became an official chick last year where she sold baby onesie sets and coffee cup cozies.  This year, she will be back with her popular cozies, but also has some surprises for your neck and hands!

Cherish Pageau

Cherish is the word. (We couldn't resist.)  Lucky for us, Cherish has been a chick for five years.  As you can see from her picture, she has a passion and talent for ceramics.  You'll be hard pressed to make a selection from these beautifully handcrafted pieces.  Come early for your best selection.

Madeline and Diane Tompkins

This mother and daughter dynamic duo have been chicks from day one in 1999.  Creativity obviously runs in the family. Diane has a unique talent of combining colors and textures which are evident in her exquisite necklaces.  Madeline's love of lettering inspires delightful creations every year.  Their years in Crafty Chicks have created a following who are always anxious to see what their new endeavors will bring.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

67 days and counting...

Toni Roper at 2007 Crafty Chicks sale

Last year was Toni's first year with the Chicks.  She makes delicious dip and cheese ball mixes that she labels with vintage postcard images. After tasting the samples, you'll want to pick up several to take home.  Mmmmmmm good!  Toni offers other gift items creatively using found treasures.
Sisters Christine Munsen and Ruth Donikowski

Talent is definitely a family affair.  They both offer unique gift items...things like felted soaps and rocks, salt shaker ornaments, jewelry made from bingo tiles and rulers, button pins and wool felt bracelets and earrings.  These sisters have a talent for repurposing everyday items into one of a kind creations.

Pam Sledd and jewelry

Pam creates her own jewelry and represents 3 other jewelry artists. Their pieces include lucite, old store stock from the '60's and '70's, found items, natural stones such as ocean jasper, turquoise, amber coral and agate. Current color trends are evident in each piece. Go forth and accessorize!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

73 days till the chicks gather!!!

Lauren and Laura - bakers extraordinaire!

Makes your mouth water, doesn't it?  Pumpkin bars, caramel apples, chocolate-covered pretzels, oh my!!!!  These friends, Laura Jordan and Lauren Benson, are busy baking and wrapping all their "Delec-table" creations for us days before the sale.  Their table is always a big hit.  Come early to grab these goodies.  (We love those chocolate pumpkin bars! Who said diet?)  

Lucy Corrigan and her vintage treasures

Lucy has been a chick for many years.  Her estate sale business gives her the opportunity to gather wonderful vintage items.  They are great for the creative individual who sees the potential for collage, jewelry or just to add to their collections.  It's always an adventure to search through her pre-owned treasures. What will she tempt us with this year?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

81 days till the sale!!!
This week we want to feature two of our crafty chicks.
Do you know who this cute chick is?
That's right!  Cindy Pawlyshn.  She's been a chick from the very beginning. Cindy's finely crafted beaded pins are always a hit.  You can always find her by the crowd that gathers in front of her table. Her clever creations have become collectibles with many of her fans. She may be one of the few that actually has groupies.
Cindy at 2007 Sale

Julie at the 2007 Sale

Julie has been a chick since 2002.  Julie creates wonderful crocheted flower pins and scarves. She has a beautiful aesthetic and each creation is unique. Be sure to ask her about her new puppy Sprocket. He's pretty cute!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome!  Time for some "Chick Chat".  
This is our first posting on our first blog.
There's alot to learn, but with the help and patience 
of Laura we are getting there.


We have great participants this year! It promises to be a fabulous show & sale.
We hope, in the upcoming weeks, to feature participants and their creations.  
Here's a photo from last year's show.  
Cheryl & Gretchen
2007 Crafty Chick Group shot