Tuesday, August 12, 2008

81 days till the sale!!!
This week we want to feature two of our crafty chicks.
Do you know who this cute chick is?
That's right!  Cindy Pawlyshn.  She's been a chick from the very beginning. Cindy's finely crafted beaded pins are always a hit.  You can always find her by the crowd that gathers in front of her table. Her clever creations have become collectibles with many of her fans. She may be one of the few that actually has groupies.
Cindy at 2007 Sale

Julie at the 2007 Sale

Julie has been a chick since 2002.  Julie creates wonderful crocheted flower pins and scarves. She has a beautiful aesthetic and each creation is unique. Be sure to ask her about her new puppy Sprocket. He's pretty cute!

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Nonna Illustration & Design said...

I love Julie's dog collar flowers. They are very cute.