Monday, October 26, 2009

27 days and counting...

Cecilia Gilman and Emily Bond

Hound's Tooth by Cecilia and Emily is an offering of all natural homemade dog treats and snacks.  All are healthy, organic and wheat free.  Apple , carrot, pumpkin, flaxseed, and peanut butter are just a few of the ingredients used.  Knowing some dogs have sensitive stomachs there will also be several dairy free and meat free products available.  All the treats have been pre-approved by their own dogs Rosco and Emmitt and several of their four legged friends.  There will be packaged treats as well as an assortment of a la carte goodies to give as gifts to satisfy your dog's sweet tooth.  Who let the dogs out? (couldn't resist)
10% of Hound's Tooth sales will be donated to the Humane Sociaty of Kansas City. 

Ruth Donikowski

Ruth has been a Crafty Chick for several years and her table is always a favorite. Ruth offers unique gift items...things like felted soaps and rocks,  jewelry made from bingo tiles, colored pencils and rulers, and wool felt bracelets.  She has a talent for repurposing everyday items into one of a kind creations.  What will she bring this year?  Just a warning, you may be shopping for a gift, but you just may walk away with a thing or two for yourself.

Monday, October 19, 2009

34 days till the show!!!

Phaedra Wheeler

Phaedra Wheeler  is a fiber artist that loves to take knitting and crochet to the next level.  She loves to take a pattern and add her special touch.  Whether it be a fish biting your head, a purse that you can never stop looking at or a tree skirt worthy of becoming a family heirloom, you are sure to find that perfect gift from the collection of knitting and crocheted items that Phaedra has made.  You're sure to be hooked.

Dayle Bennett

Fashion forward, colorful and girlie, Dayle's bags, pins and necklaces always draw a crowd to her booth every year.  Dayle's good buddy, Jeanee won't be in town to do the show but her bath fizzies will have a place at her table. Make sure to stop by and visit this crafty chick. And the ribbon pin goes to.....

Julie Reed

Julie works as a graphic designer/ product designer/ art director by day and by late night and weekends she unleashes her creative spirit.  She loves to knit, crochet, felt and make jewelry, always trying new techniques.  She can always rely on creative input from Speck & Sprocket, her two Scottish terriers. 

Lorraine Colbert Elmore

Lorraine designs decoupage and jewelry, which are combined in her latest collection of bottle cap necklaces. She utilizes metal, paper, semi-precious stones and one-of-a-kind vintage buttons. This collection pairs a Parisian sensibility with up-cycled chic. The juxtaposition of pattern and metal make these pieces perfect for mixing with silver and gemstone jewelry, patterned scarves and clothing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

41 days till the show!!!

Toni Gagarin

Hear Kitty, Kitty! Lucky for our furry friends Toni has been addicted to making hand stitched felt cat toys stuffed with cat nip. (There is no glue used to keep your kitty safe.) It's the purrrr-fect gift.   Feline sushi, anyone?

Danielle Mousley

This is Danielle's second year selling at Crafty Chicks. She will once again, be whipping up her batches of versatile and time-saving, pre-made mixes for the upcoming holiday season. Her mixes of cookies, brownies and muffins all come with recipe booklets that allow you to bake your favorite recipes. She will also be selling her popular friendship tea, hot cocoa, holiday spiced wine and cider mixes. They make the perfect little small gift for your friends, family or teachers, or to keep for yourself.

Jennifer Snuggs

"Cute, Sweet & Snug" is the theme Jennifer has chosen for her crocheted goodies this year.  In hues of red, brown, pink and white, you'll find cute baby elephants, sweet cupcake pincushions and snug scarves among other coordinating items at her table.  Jennifer hopes you'll stop by for a unique handmade gift and the sweet feel of the season!

Shawna Stobaugh

Most of Shawna's art is very juvenile and whimsical.  She makes baby blocks with artwork on all sides, frames decorated with illustrations, plaques, paper ribbon with scalloped edges, tile magnets, button pins, prints for framing and much more.  The illustrations are playful and are always perfect for children's rooms or a spot on your desk at work or home.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

48 days until the show!

Desserts by Debby

As you enter Crafty Chicks and smell the cinnamon rolls.....well, that would be our baking diva, Debby baking them just for you! She does many custom confections throughout the year and the cute Halloween examples are just some you may have seen and tasted (lucky you!).  Shopping and cinnamon rolls are a great combination!

Gina Simmons

This whimsical lampwork bead jewelry is crafted by Gina Simmons, a new artist to Crafty Chicks. You may have seen some of her work at Art Unleashed, a great fund raising event for our furry friends. She even makes all the bracelet bags to match each design! Have we mentioned...bring your Christmas list?

John Graham

Need the perfect man gift?  John's baseball lamps are always a big hit.   If you have time on your hands, check out the array of unique clocks that are another popular item for men and women.  John's been part of  Crafty Chicks for several years.  Stop by and see what he has to offer this year.

At delec*table, you'll find a host of goodies to sweeten up your shopping experience or ride home--or give to family and friends! Come and sample perennial favorites like the pumpkin chocolate chip bars and chocolate dipped pretzels, or take home a few surprises! The table is hosted by Lauren and Laura, two friends and baking enthusiasts who are going on their 4th year in Crafty Chicks! Laura started hosting a treats table in 2006 and Lauren joined the fun in 2007. Lauren will be tempting your sweet tooths independently this Thanksgiving weekend, but Laura and her sweet smile will be there in spirit!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

55 days until the show!

Lucy Corrigan

Lucy has a great eye for collectibles. Her estate sale business gives her the opportunity to gather wonderful vintage items. They are perfect for the creative individual who see the potential for collage, jewelry, or just to add to their collections. What will she tempt us with this year?

Julie Lushbough

Rene (Windsong Designs) and Julie (Mattie-Jules) have been making button rings for over 6 years. They started hosting Ring Parties using modern and vintage buttons made into rings or pendants... right on the spot. Talk about instant gratification! They have a great selection of buttons to choose from. You can also used your own special buttons... like one from Grandma's coat, Dad's Navy uniform, or from your favorite Aunt's jar of buttons...they work up into a beautiful memory that you can wear!!!

Ashlee Dowd and Heather Van Wyck

This is Ashlee and Heather's first year at Crafty Chicks. They are very excited! They remix vintage finds to create one-of-a-kind hand sewn flower accessories. Come see how their garden grows!

Pam Sledd

Pam starts each piece of her jewelry with a different thought in mind. The results can be trendy, classic or customized to an outfit. The result is jewelry that is affordable, yet beautiful. There is quite a variety as Pam says she get bored easily...but you won't! We look forward to have Pam back at Crafty Chicks.

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