Thursday, October 1, 2009

55 days until the show!

Lucy Corrigan

Lucy has a great eye for collectibles. Her estate sale business gives her the opportunity to gather wonderful vintage items. They are perfect for the creative individual who see the potential for collage, jewelry, or just to add to their collections. What will she tempt us with this year?

Julie Lushbough

Rene (Windsong Designs) and Julie (Mattie-Jules) have been making button rings for over 6 years. They started hosting Ring Parties using modern and vintage buttons made into rings or pendants... right on the spot. Talk about instant gratification! They have a great selection of buttons to choose from. You can also used your own special buttons... like one from Grandma's coat, Dad's Navy uniform, or from your favorite Aunt's jar of buttons...they work up into a beautiful memory that you can wear!!!

Ashlee Dowd and Heather Van Wyck

This is Ashlee and Heather's first year at Crafty Chicks. They are very excited! They remix vintage finds to create one-of-a-kind hand sewn flower accessories. Come see how their garden grows!

Pam Sledd

Pam starts each piece of her jewelry with a different thought in mind. The results can be trendy, classic or customized to an outfit. The result is jewelry that is affordable, yet beautiful. There is quite a variety as Pam says she get bored easily...but you won't! We look forward to have Pam back at Crafty Chicks.

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