Monday, October 26, 2009

27 days and counting...

Cecilia Gilman and Emily Bond

Hound's Tooth by Cecilia and Emily is an offering of all natural homemade dog treats and snacks.  All are healthy, organic and wheat free.  Apple , carrot, pumpkin, flaxseed, and peanut butter are just a few of the ingredients used.  Knowing some dogs have sensitive stomachs there will also be several dairy free and meat free products available.  All the treats have been pre-approved by their own dogs Rosco and Emmitt and several of their four legged friends.  There will be packaged treats as well as an assortment of a la carte goodies to give as gifts to satisfy your dog's sweet tooth.  Who let the dogs out? (couldn't resist)
10% of Hound's Tooth sales will be donated to the Humane Sociaty of Kansas City. 

Ruth Donikowski

Ruth has been a Crafty Chick for several years and her table is always a favorite. Ruth offers unique gift items...things like felted soaps and rocks,  jewelry made from bingo tiles, colored pencils and rulers, and wool felt bracelets.  She has a talent for repurposing everyday items into one of a kind creations.  What will she bring this year?  Just a warning, you may be shopping for a gift, but you just may walk away with a thing or two for yourself.

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Duck Dales said...

Yum-barka-roo! (Dog speak for let me get a hold of some of these Hound's Tooth treats. - Boji