Thursday, November 5, 2009

21 days till the show!

Angela Muir

Angela is a formally trained fashion designer who enjoys crafting with recycled materials.  "I often find that I enjoy the challenge of turning something that has already been used for a certain purpose into something completely different, prolonging the life of the material and wasting less in the long run."  As an example, she creates from recycled coffee bean sacks that  she gets from the Roastarie Coffee Company right here in Kansas City.  Not only are these products green, they are local as well!

Michelle Strong

This is Michelle's first year at Crafty Chicks!  She creates jewelry using the natural beauty of real butterfly wings.  You won't believe the colors!!!  She'll also have some of her lovely little sparrow lockets available.  They're perfect for stocking stuffers.

Cool Stuff Show

Our friends from "Cool Stuff" are having their show this weekend, so make sure to get there early and add new cool stuff to your old cool stuff.
Their address is:  2300 Fayette Street, North Kansas City, MO. 64116
Phone:  816.842.8765

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Cinderelish said...

I am loving the work on your blog and can't wait for the show. I live in Liberty, but have never been to Crafty Chicks.