Tuesday, September 16, 2008

45 days till the show!!!  It's coming fast, isn't it?

                                             Good buddies, Jeanee and Dayle

Dayle loves to make things.  Crafting has been a lifelong passion.  If it's crafty and Martha Stewart has blessed it crafty, then she probably does it.  "Handmade by Sodapop, my company is a dream come true.  I love making anything that is colorful, girlie, fashion forward but practical."  Sodapop currently sells all kinds of handbags and necklaces.
For Crafty Chicks this year, Dayle will have some new items to sell. (It's a secret)

Julie Lushbough and her helpers

Julie's history on creating button rings goes back over 5 years...then for family, friends and gifts.  "For the last couple years I've been hooked on vintage buttons...what history and beauty they hold!  I recently made a ring and pendant for a woman using buttons from her husband's navy uniform.  She wears her ring every day!  That's so special."
Julie survived her first Crafty Chicks Show last year and has been busy with Girls Night Out ring parties ever since.
Megan Gray at '07 Crafty Chick Show and Sale

Megan has always had a love of fiber arts and fashion.  She taught herself how to knit at an early age and began experimenting with felt a couple years ago.  Her creations consist of felted ball necklaces and bracelets, scarves and vintage jewelry.  This year, however, Megan is 'going green'.  Her new designs are still organic but has focused on how to reuse vintage items in a totally new and creative way.  She is known as Ecochic.

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