Tuesday, September 30, 2008

30 days until the chicks gather!

Ana and Annie

Annie Malik has brought her eye for trends to Crafty Chicks for the past three years creating plush toys, screen printed tea towels and aprons.  This year, with her partner-in-crime, Ana Reinert, Annie is expanding her vision to tote bags, the perfect reusable gift!

Tammy Smith and Homemade Circus

Tammy has worked in 3D for many years and has illustrated for kids' books and magazines. She has recently become fascinated with wire sculpture, especially birds in cages that resemble broken down carnival rides. This will be Tammy's first year with Crafty Chicks.
Stop by and see her charming "circus".

Karen Reeves

"I'm like my mama.  I need to have busy hands."  Lucky for us, Karen became a chick several years ago.  You can see Karen's love of crafting in many forms.  For Crafty Chicks this year, she will have jewelry, itty bitty felted bags (perfect for an IPOD or cell phone), and photography. 

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dugbuddy said...

so exciting. and such a diverse talented group.