Wednesday, September 24, 2008

37 days till the show!!!  May the force be with us all!

John Graham at the 2007 Show

John joined the 'chicks' in 2005. You will love his clever lamps made from found objects such as trumpets, baseballs, and even a movie projector!  Clocks hand-crafted from metal, film canisters, or computer circuit boards are each a unique piece. His aesthetic and 'green' sensibility are apparent in all his work.

Anna Eschrich with her bracelets

Anna is our youngest chick.  You will find her sitting with her friend, Cindy Pawlyshn.  She comes from a very creative family and shows her own talent in the pretty bracelets she makes.  Shop her table early if you want the best selection...accessories are a girl's best friend!

Jeanee and her sewn creations

Last year Crafty Chicks was the first show Jeanee ever participated in and had "SO MUCH FUN". She has found her niche with aprons.  Each apron will always be unique because she never uses the same fabric combination twice.  Jeanee will have some new items this year and will be screenprinting some cool stuff. Check out Jeanee and her "dirty laundry". 

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