Friday, November 29, 2013

Sneak Peek #7

 {Brandon & Tabitha Todd ~ ToddAh}

At the beginning of 2012 Brandon & Tabitha Todd decided to open ToddAh out of their home in Kansas City, Mo. Their goal when opening the store was to “Make Joy Appear”. Wanting to be more than just an online shop, they keep that in mind with everything they do, from donating 20% of proceeds to charity, to creating designs for their products, and even when starting a blog to connect with, and give something back their visitors. The Todds do this because the more people they impact and meet, the more passionate they are about creating great products. Their wish is for people to seek joy in giving, just as much as in getting.

 {Sue Tague ~ Adornaments}

Sue Tague is a creative soul who recently retired from a 47-year-career at Hallmark. She spent the past 18 years as a master artist/sculptor in the Keepsakes Ornaments department. Earlier in her career she specialized in creating both 2D and 3D whimsical and cute characters for almost every product line Hallmark makes. Previously, Sue was a design professor at Syracuse University, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts  degree, had a passion for toys, and often gave her students assignments to design marionettes and paper-mechanical products. That was when Sue created her first marionette. The passion to make characters move and "come to life" has been with her ever since. To accomplish this she uses a mixture of sculpting, fashion design and jewelry-making techniques, as well as a vast collection of "junk" (her husband's term) and beads collected here and there. "Adornaments by Sue Tague" are meant to add a bit of fun and happy to your life!

{Tracy McVay ~ 2 Werks Design}

After a 28-year career as a greeting card illustrator/designer for Hallmark Cards, Tracy McVay retired to take a second creative path. A passion for textiles and "beadie ornamentia," her mother's sewing room, and a burgeoning collection of bits, beads, and pieces has inspired her new journey making handcrafted jewelry and small accessories. Materials for her collection of necklaces and bracelets include antique beads, buttons, stones, felted bits, and crystals.  Each piece possesses an eclectic light, color and cross-cultural resonance of whimsey and nostalgia.  

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