Monday, October 10, 2011

Tabitha Todd

Tabitha and her husband Brandon get creative together to make screenprinted pillows and onesies. Each design is original and screen printed by hand with lots of time and love. Once designs are crafted, much time is spent mixing emulsion and ink colors, cutting fabrics, drying screens, burning impressions, pulling the ink, and sewing the final products! Tabitha also began sewing clutches recently, and she is always looking for new ways to expand her creativity! This is the couple's first year as a Crafty Chick, and they look forward to finding homes and bodies for their unique designs.

Sharon Milleret and June Brock

You never know what these two chicks will be bringing for the show. They have the most wonderful antiques and pre-owned treasures. To round it all off, June adds to the mix charming ornaments that were created using small antique butter molds. Come by and see what they have new this year!

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