Friday, October 29, 2010

30 days until the sale!!

Diane and Madeline Tompkins
Tag Team Tompkins has had a busy year, selling their work at local and regional shops and shows and now through Etsy. They consider their letterpress art prints a nice success, growing the offering from 13, created in 2009, to a total of 24 prints that will be offered at the Crafty Chicks 2010 show. Diane and Madeline continue to enjoy creating their"DireWarning"originals and their framed hand lettered and hand-cut silhouette art. They are proud to be featured at Main Street Goods and Goodies, located in Liberty, Missouri, owned and operated by Gail Dugdale, Diane's sister, another Crafty Chick.

Cindy Ross

It's funny the first thing people say when they see the beads Cindy works with is, "Oh man, how can you see?" Cindy has been showing at Crafty Chicks since the beginning, 11 years ago. Her designs have evolved. Right now, she is into the old school tattoo look. It is a lot of fun to see her ideas come to life. When you love what you do it shows! Stop by and see her...just look for the crowd.

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