Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March came in like a lion in Kansas City! 

As the tulips and daffodils wake up so do the Crafty Chicks! The creative spirit is restless and, as we all know, you just have to let it out!

We have had lots buzz from the chicks as many are in other shows. (Of course, Crafty Chicks has to be their favorite.....right?) Tammy Smith has been working hard in her 'Big Top' making her Homemade Circus creations. She has upcoming shows next month in Roundtop, Texas, April 1-5, and a local show, Art on the Hill in Kearney, Mo. April 25. Art on the Hill is a great show and is in such a beautiful outside location.  Go to Tammy's link on our blog to get more info.  In fact, several of our chicks have Etsy shops.  Click on the 'Links' section and go shopping!

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